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Photos used with permission by our super duper wedding florists, The Sisters

It’s been awhile since I made a post about weddings. It’s a shame because I really enjoyed sharing my experiences with you but hadn’t been motivated enough to produce more than 1 post per week. Things are not that crazy at the moment, seeing that it’s only a mere 7 weeks + 1 days away from #thebigday. There are however lots more to accomplish but at least I don’t feel that flustered.

Dropcam, whose philosophy revolves around simplicity has recently approached me to participate in their campaign #PreppinForTheBigDay. Basically they would like me to emulate their value and share a few tips on wedding planning that brides-to-be could reference to make the entire process simpler and more enjoyable. This invitation is a matter of a ‘why not?’  so here you go, my humble suggestions:

#1. Work out your budget

Getting married is an expensive affair, especially in Australia. Unless your family owns an estate that could be used as a wedding venue or you’re set to do a bunch of DIYs, you would be looking to spend an average of AUD36200 according to data by Australian Securities and Investments. It’s wise to also include a buffer for the budget to account for unexpected expenses, which could sometimes amount to a fairly large sum.

#2. Set a date and book the venue

While it’s a lady’s intuition to jump straight into wedding dress hunting, securing the date and venue is in fact the #one priority. It gets crazy competitive nowadays especially with popular venues. A lot of them are booked out many months in advance, especially on Saturdays. After you’ve shortlisted a handful of potentials, be sure to visit the sites personally. By doing that you would be able to get a feel for them and also have a face to face conversation with the venue operator, which is way more valuable than throwing emails back and forth (destination weddings are of course another story). It may be worthwhile to book a venue with a wet weather option for a peace of mind especially if you’re having an outdoor wedding.

#3. Research and ask

In this technologically advance era, research has never been any easier. Just jump on google and you will find yourself sifting through millions of results, both relevant and irrelevant. Try not to focus too much on the details just yet. Rather do a general search to gather ideas that are worth considering. I’ve heard negative things about Pinterest but I love pinning on mine. Pinterest is a great place to store all your inspirations but be sure to selective from the beginning to avoid information overload. I also consulted with a few of my happily married friends for tips on vendors (and some reassurance) and more often than not they’re the ones with plenty of gold nuggets to share. When it comes to magazines and blog surfing, I’m a fan girl of Hello May MagazineWhite MagazineOnce WedStyle Me Pretty and Green Wedding Shoes.

#4. Print out a wedding checklist

While I don’t really follow my wedding checklist to a tee, I find it useful to have one to refer to from time to time. The checklist is an amazing tool to ensure that you don’t overlook on some of the small but important details. I also see it as a bit of a security blanket to minimise boo-boos.

#5. Play to each other’s strengths

I’ve heard of numerous stories about brides single-handedly organised the entire wedding. Some might applaud at their strength and courage, I’m not one of them. I think the planning process is a lot more efficient and fun if the couple play to each other’s strengths. Getting married requires teamwork and responsibilities from both ends. For our wedding, Mr M, who has a naturally creative flair is in charge of designing most of the paper goods. On the other hand, I cash in on tasks like floral arrangements (which I LOVE), deciding the overall colour palette and other fun jobs like fashion decisions etc…

#6. Follow your intuition

You know that gut feeling? That will save you a lot of time. Nuff said.

#7. Meet the vendors and trust them to deliver

I honestly love meeting with the vendors. It’s seriously amazing to come face to face with the people behind those amazing creations that had you at hello. Share your vision and put your trust in them to deliver. That will put your shoulders seriously at ease.

#8. Delegate

Admittedly, I’m not that good at this, yet. I’d imagine life to be easier with help from family and friends. Mr M and I will need to start delegating soon to take a bit of pressure off our chest.

#9. Get a life!

There’s a life outside of wedding planning. Be sure to enjoy the other aspects of your life to minimise any chance of a mental breakdown!

#10. Your wedding is a celebration

Your wedding is a celebration of love, not a competition. As appealing as it may be to have it featured in a magazine or blog, or be the talk of the town, the wedding is ultimately about the union of 2 people who are in love. If the wedding is going to put you in any form of unfavourable position, it’s probably time for re-evaluation.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this piece and got something out of it.

Do you have any surefire tips to share?


Ps. Here’s one last thought…  I’ve always wondered what the best way is to live stream parts of the wedding for both ourselves and other people who cannot make it to the wedding… Looks like I’ve found the answer in dropcam. It’s easy to set up, use and doesn’t break the bank. What more could we ask for?

Jot down your thoughts!