Project Declutter

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I associate this streamlined, minimalistic outfit with the word ‘declutter’. The straight lines and basic colour palette are almost counter-intuitive in today’s society. I wonder whether that’s the reason why people are less receptive to the idea of minimalism and that less can sometimes be more.

There’s a lot going on at the moment, a lot of clutter that I would like to get rid of as it’s inevitably weighing me down. For this post, I’m going to briefly talk about decluttering 2 areas of my life that seem like good places to start with.

#1. Wardrobe

I gotta admit, the ‘overspilled wardrobe’ dilemma has been discussed way too many times in blogsphere and I’m quite sure that you don’t want any more of it from me. Some bloggers seem to have secret formulas when it comes to calculating the number of shirts or pants etc that they should have to make up a capsule wardrobe. I don’t really have one. All I know is that I’m getting married in 6 months and I NEED to drastically reduce the number of items in my existing wardrobe because I’m going to have to share my future wardrobe with someone else (horror!)

I haven’t devised a strategy as such but I know that I’d like to do the chop in a rational manner. It’s got to be a clear-headed and structured decision and not one that’s laden with impulsivity. As much as I want to shrink the size of my wardrobe, I don’t want to end up with barely any clothes left either.

#2. Toxic thoughts

My brain is more capable of producing and maintaining toxic thoughts than I would like it to be. By that I meant beliefs that are unhealthy, useless and harmful to not only myself but existing and potential relationships. I think as humans we are just overly consumed by things that don’t match up with our own ideals. We tend to be selfish, judgemental and self-righteous (etc and etc) and I can think of so many examples when I acted exactly like those adjectives that I just used. Sometimes I just forget that I’m thoroughly blessed and that I should be counting my blessings instead of focusing on things that I don’t have (that are not very important anyway).

I have a feeling that this Project Declutter will be an ongoing effort so if you’re on the same page, give me a little wave!

What are some of the areas that you’ve successfully decluttered? Would love to be inspired by you!


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  1. Love this post. I totally agree on both points but especially taking out those toxic thoughts- fleeting thoughts of inadequacy, comparison or overall disconnectedness with what we already have!

    Anyway, loving the black and white outfit!

  2. Speaking about sharing wardrobe, my parents eventually each got their own wardrobe;P my mom had the whole 9 ft x 9 ft closet to herself while my dad uses a simple 4 ft x 4 ft wardrobe

    1. Haha!!! That sounds about right 😛 I could kinda see that happening with us too! I’ve requested for a huge walk in wardrobe haahaa..

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