Red Hair Beauty

Do you have a red hair crush?
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I love Jane Aldrige’s red hair. At one point (long ago) I even considered dying my hair red but fortunately I wasn’t brave enough to follow through. That would likely be a recipe for disaster especially because I have yellow skin tone.

I didn’t really know much about red heads and some of the difficulties that they encounter until I came across a particular article in Renegade Collective a few issues back. Basically a pair of twins with red hair (yes you’ve guessed it) founded a website that provides all kinds of resources to those with the same genetic makeup. Since redheads only make up 1-2% of the world’s population, knowledge sharing is a lot more crucial when it comes to the ways of healthy living, beauty, fashion and dealing with some of the social issues. Although I do not belong to this group, I think it’s nice to gain some understanding on some of the struggles that they are facing and the resolutions around them.

Do you have a red hair crush?

Ps. Other redhead resources #1. Everything for Redheads #2. MC1R magazine (for those who are more tactile)

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