Reworking Summer into Winter





The weather was really nice last Sunday so I decided to re-work the summer version of this outfit into a mild winter version. I’m quite a fan of opaque tights but I just omitted them for a change and for a nice big dose of vitamin D.

Sundays are what I called wedding planning days and there aren’t many left to go! I’m going to make every effort to savour whatever left that needs to be done before embracing our brand new chapter together as Mr and Mrs M. I’m naturally a little bit of a worrier but I’ve made a conscious decision to put everything in God’s hands. Ultimately both of us aren’t really looking for perfection on our wedding day. We want it to be a day where love takes the centre stage because we know that everything will fall in place as a consequence of that.


Photography| Mr M


  1. Ugh I’m so jealous that you get to wear the cool chunky-sweater-slit-maxi-skirt combo. I was just combatting a huge thunderstorm today in 29 degrees heat. Yes, enjoy your wedding day despite the pressure of wanting it to be the perfect day 🙂


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