Rock-A-Bye-Baby On the Tree Top

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Are you generally quite comfortable being photographed?

Posing doesn’t come naturally to me. I am one of those people who fidgets quite a bit in front of the camera especially when the spotlight is on me. I pull silly faces in between shots, make abrupt and drastic changes to my poses inappropriately and create all sorts of awkwardness with my stiff facial expressions. 59 posts on and I still struggle with these issues, albeit less than before. And I think it’s because…

…I’ve slowly realised that being self-conscious is the worst thing  that I could do to myself in the world of personal style blogging. wllwproject’s main purpose should really not be about the ‘self’ (aka ME, MYSELF and I), it should be about the expressions of ‘self’ or individuality through fashion and lifestyle that I hope would impact on people in whatever ways possible.


Mr M thought the pairing of an ‘elegant’ skirt (also seen here with a heavy knit) with blue Vans was rather unusual. Personally, I kinda like that pop of blue as it brightened up the look by 3 notches, not to mention being able to walk around in utmost comfort.

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I just simply adore my multi-coloured scarf and it’s been warming up my neck non-stop ever since I received it a week ago. Couldn’t say no to a happy looking scarf! Oh and this tree is such a great prop for the shoot, non?


I have to get going now. Before you leave though, do check out wllwproject’s facebook for one of my favourite photos that day. I decided not to post it on here because the lighting differed too much from the photos here.

Have a great week ahead.


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