Sessun, happily again.

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Dress Sessun Shoes Superga Bag Rebecca Minkoff Bangle [Add]Tension Sunnies Roc Eyewear

During our getaway, Mr M and I spent a lot of time exploring national parks and the secluded beaches that were on offer. We treated ourselves to nice accommodation, good food and plenty of opportunities for landscape photography. We took it nice and easy and that was seriously the best thing we could do for ourselves.

One question though is that how do you guys keep track of time while on holiday? Ideally one should not even need to look at the watch but in reality it is easier said than done. Many times when Mr M asked me how long I would like to spend at a particular location, I tensed up because the question just felt off! I harbour the romantic idea of losing myself in whatever that I was going to do without needing to give in to time pressure. Mr M is the pragmatic planner while I mostly like to go with the flow so there’s definitely a sense of friction sometimes. Any ideas on how we could possibly sort this out?

This set of photos was taken during sunset before we headed to dinner at  il Passaggio in Bermagui (favourite part of the Sapphire Coast). The warm halo was such an added bonus and the soft light just made photo taking so much easier. I put on my Sessun dress again, this time with sneakers and I just love how easy it was. Perfect for a quick change (we changed at the National Park when no one’s looking!) and definitely a keeper, both in design and quality.

Recounting these memories puts me in the holiday mood again. I earnestly look forward to the next one but firstly, the reality of day-to-day life.


  1. Sessun dress looking amazing on you. The cut is really flaterring and length hits just right above the knees 🙂 Totally get it about the weird question about ‘how long you planning to stay’ because when I travel, I go with the flow (at least I try to!) and not over plan because previously I’ve had really bad experience over planning haha x

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