17 months and counting. What better reason to celebrate!

We decided to do a nice brunch so I (being the more adventurous one) tried really hard to come up with somewhere fancy for the occasion. Sadly, nothing really appealed to us. But hang on… there is a place that we wanted to re-visit for a long while now and it seemed fitting to do so.

Cafe Viva  was the place where we chatted for 2 hours straight, threw shy glances at each other, ate greasy food and enjoyed each other’s company exclusively for the 1st time. Naturally, that place held wonderful memories for both of us. The cafe hasn’t changed much and it felt really special sitting at where we sat many months ago. Click to view photo of cafe.


To bring the cheesy factor up a notch, I threw on my sheer leopard print tank because it was part of the outfit that I wore that day (first date). It was also a test to check whether he remembered important details such as this and I’m glad to say that he passed with flying colours! I had a totally different ensemble back then (partly due to the cooler weather) where I wore a knit over this tank, jeans, bright green loafers and a bucket bag. This time round I decided to go for a more fitted silhouette. I think red is one of the best colours to highlight the leopard print so I revived this skirt from Minty Meets Munt which had been sitting in my wardrobe unloved for at least a couple of years. Well, one thing’s for sure. It definitely felt good to make use of under appreciated pieces like that.

B4 B5

The zipper detail and the faux leather pocket made these pieces more interesting to wear!


Striding off to a fabulous rest of the week.

Have a blast people!


Photography|Mr M

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