It’s one of those fantastic places to people watch and soak up the atmosphere.
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Right, there’s a whole load of photos from our travels to Italy and Malaysia late last year that I have yet to publish and I’m going to churn them out as hard as I could because I want to share Cape Town with you! Mr M and I have just gotten back from that beautiful city a few days ago and there are just so many positive things to say about our stay there.

For now though, I would like to take you to Siena, a stunning medieval city in Tuscany, Italy. Mr M and I had allowed ourselves a day to explore Siena and that was quite enough for me as I had been there before a few years back. Although it was off peak season, Siena was teeming with lots and lots of tourists. Its central piazza called Il Campo was as charming as ever and overflowing with all sorts of people chilling and admiring the grandeur of the surrounding architecture. It’s one of those fantastic places to people watch and soak up the atmosphere. Il Campo is also known for the Palio, a horse race that’s held twice a year. The origins of the race date back to the 12th century and I read that it’s gladiator-like and very intense. It would be cool to witness it one day and be transported back in time.

We walked and walked while feasting our senses on the abundance of art and history around us. The cobble-stoned roads and enormous stone buildings are such great reminders of Siena’s splendid past. It was wet and cold that day so I threw on my one and only long sleeved top and some jeans for warmth. Although the jumper has been a constant repeat of mine (view 1/2/3/4), I learnt that white isn’t always the best colour to take with me on holiday for practical reasons. As I was almost completely unprepared for cool weather at night (what was I thinking?!) the white jumper was filthy by the time we arrived in Siena. I had to bite my lips and deal with it as shopping wasn’t in the agenda and we didn’t have time for it. The other practical thing I learnt? Always water-proof your leather shoes! I failed to do so with mine and the rain had stiffened and crunched up the leather. My poor flats. I haven’t been able to recover them since then. Silly silly me. My hair went crazy and sticky too (don’t stop me now I’m on a roll)!

Hope you enjoy this tiny glimpse of Siena. If you’re planning a trip out that way in the future, be sure to include it in your itinerary. Siena is definitely worth your while.

  1. I was in Siena for a day when I was in Italy and absolutely loved it. It’s such a beautiful city and I totally love the town square where they have the yearly horse race!

    Thanks for sharing this! Would love if you could drop by as I am running a Daniel Wellington Giveaway!

    Helen xx

    PS. Followed you via bloglovin and hope you’ll do the same for me too!

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