SMK Bucket Bags

There’s so much to love about them <3
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The bucket bag has landed at WLLWPOPUP!!!

Ever since the bucket design was revived by Mansur Graviel and propelled to unprecedented stardom, this modern silhouette hasn’t been off the style radar hence making it one of the most versatile shapes to be seen around.

SMK, WLLWPOPUP’s resident French/Korean brand has released a few lusciously soft versions for you to choose from. Most of all they are ultra affordable without compromising on quality. Here we caught up with designer Sandra Meynier Kang to chat about her inspiration behind the buckets.

#1. What is the inspiration behind the bucket bags? The bucket bag was inspired by the farmers’ seed bags. They’re pretty much the same shape. SMK FW15-16 is very much about the ? back to the land concept?, farmers’ clothing and their habits. I made those bucket bags in a wool-like material to give them a more elegant aspect.

#2. Why are they special? What do you like about them? They’re special because there’s a story/past behind the bucket design and they are very buttery to touch. The fact that they are made from leftover fabrics from the FW 15-16’s coats and capes also shows SMK’s interest in sustainability.

#3. What’s your favourite way of wearing those bags? I like to wear them casually with a pair of jeans and knit.

#4. Are you planning to make them in any other colours? Not at the moment but I might re-introduce them in different sizes in upcoming collections.

#5. Who could be found carrying your bucket bags? I have no idea actually and can’t give you the demographics of people buying my bucket bags! I’m not really one who chase after celebrities but if I could give my bag to someone, it has got to be Melanie Laurent. She’s my favourite actress.

Hope you have fun reading the interview and Sandra’s heart behind her bags. Head over to WLLWPOPUP now to take advantage of their limited supply. You won’t regret it!

Stay tuned for our next short interview with Sandra once again with her other very popular bag design, the paper bag clutch!

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