Smooth and Silky

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wllw 14-09-25_09  Camisole Aijek (also available in black) Pants Zara Sandals Country Road Bag Rebecca Minkoff

Ring Mom’s Hat Cala Ganone

I love to take with me pieces that are loose, light weight and floaty to any island/summer holiday. Although I love my jeans, I would normally avoid them unless necessary.

Those drawstring pants worn above are silky and extremely comfortable hence making them a joy to wear on our last Sardinian holiday. The nautical theme couldn’t be more apt. I paired those babies with the equally smooth Aijek Drifter Camisole for a casual, relaxed look. I don’t normally wear a lot of loose bottoms so such a pairing was really nice and refreshing. As my hair wasn’t exactly photo-worthy that day, I threw on a straw hat that I bought at Cala Ganone (more on this to come) as a form of ‘self-defence’.

We drove along winding mountain roads with picture perfect views, took in the freshest air that anyone could ever inhale, explored nooks and corners that I wouldn’t have dreamt of exploring if not for Mr M, and ended our eventful night at the stunning Bar Del Tablao. Sitting there as the sun was setting was more than a wonderful dream. I sampled their icy cold tisane alongside a few other finger food and felt truly thankful in my heart. To me, an experience like this doesn’t come as a given. A lot of resources, time and effort had gone into it and I couldn’t be more grateful for Mr M’s love and generosity. Being able to share special moments like this one with Mr M is a great blessing.

The Italian leg of our honeymoon continues…


Photography| Mr M

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