Harnesses, leather, fringes, you name it, they wore it!
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If you’re a coffee lover residing in Cape Town or even outside of Cape Town, you would likely to have heard of Truth HQ, a theatrical and one of a kind steampunk coffee shop that has captured the attention of many.

What exactly is steampunk? According to, steampunk noun : a subgenre of science fiction and fantasy featuring advanced machines and other technology based on steam power of the 19th century and taking place in a recognisable historical period or a fantasy world.

Having read about this cafe, Mr M and I were ultra keen on experiencing the drama for ourselves. The interior absolutely did not disappoint as we were being transported back to the Victorian era. Lots of people (us included) whipped out our cameras and phones and started snapping away the instant they sat down. All attempts to be discreet failed miserably. As for the staff members, their outfits were so awesome! Harnesses, leather, fringes, you name it, they wore it! I could spend all day ogling at them because I hadn’t seen anything like that before in a cafe setting. It was truly people watching at its best. Did the potent brown caffeinated solution pass the road test? Coffee was good, but I still think that Australia serves some of the best in the world. Having said this, I may be very bias.

There were lots of trendy people in the cafe and we had a ball soaking in every bit of the atmosphere. For those who are going to travel to Cape Town at some point, Truth HQ is the place to be, even if coffee isn’t exactly your cup of tea!

What are some of the most interesting cafes that you’ve been to?


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