Summer Layers

I personally favour colder months as layering is one of my favourite things to experiment with. When it comes to travelling though, fussing with layers may be tricky due to luggage (and muscle) restrictions and the way I dealt with these limitations with Scandinavian summer (think ‘cold’) was to stick to a colour palette with complementary colours. I also made it a point to bring pieces with different collars and lengths to maximise the trend.


Those boots by Topshop ended up giving me so much agony by the end of the day that I will think twice now about bringing heeled shoes when a hectic holiday is anticipated. My Vans Lo Pro (shown here and here) were even insufficient in providing enough cushioning and support for all the walking we did as much as I adore them. Perhaps only a pair of Nike Free Run, made popular lately by stylish bloggers like Camille and Aimee Song would cut it. Whatever it is, Nike has definitely succeeded in reviving itself because I saw tonnes of people wearing their kicks in Sweden and Norway.

Here’s a little tip on travelling around Stockholm. The Stockholm Card had saved Mr M and I a lot of moolah and I highly recommend it to anyone who refuses to take it easy. It did not only cover most of important sites, it also covered our transportation expenses and that was very helpful because everything was ultra expensive. Whilst I enjoyed every museum and gallery that we had visited, the canal tour was pretty cool. Stockholm is built on 14 islands and admiring the city and its beautiful skyline from the water was rather romantic and special.


Yes, I’ve brought out my other set of eyes. I know I don’t have the most stylish looking glasses around but hey they are truly a life saver especially for frantic mornings as they almost completely eliminate the need to put my face on. As much as I would like to be that stylish traveller that people talk about, I think being realistic and relaxed about my appearance actually lifted unnecessary burden off my already tired shoulders. I was also super glad that I brought that felt hat with me as it was so useful in keeping the sun and rain off my face although that also meant that it has suffered a bit of battering.

Another thing worth mentioning… when I encountered this post on drop coffee by Alice Gao, who also happens to be a photographer crush of mine, it felt really awesome because firstly, she totally did the place justice and secondly, I was ‘star struck’ (from a distance). Mr M is a coffee snob (oops, he’s going to kill me) and they served some of the best around Stockholm. I guess both of us were so overworked that a good cup of coffee was essential in getting us through the day (diplomatically and peacefully).


More to come. I’m thinking of slowly introducing different kinds of posts in the future to make things more interesting and useful for you. Is there anything that you would particularly like to see here? Do let me know!


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    1. Thanks for your encouragement! To be honest, I’m very much a newbie too and I’m also trying very hard to grasp the concept of blogging! I think the main thing is that you need to have a subject that you’re passionate about and the rest would flow! All the best and keep pushing at it! xx

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