What memories does your outfit evoke today?
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Wool Tee Zara Jeans Cheap Monday Coat Weathered Scarf Zara Loafers Dieppa Restrepo Sunnies ROC Eyewear Bag from Italy

I’m increasingly hooked to the idea of wearing clothes that actually mean something to me, rather than purchasing all the trendy pieces in a whim only to have them stuffed at the back of the closet after a couple of wears.

I’ve been wasting so much money on clothes for as long as I could remember and now I would like to make most, if not all things count. Let’s face it, I’m not going to confine myself to a hard and fast rule but I’m really thinking about thoughtful consumption. It would be lovely to veer myself towards less clutter and focus more on quality living.

With that said, here’s what I remember about each item above and why I’m still loving them: Woollen t-shirt: An impulse purchase from Zara years ago. I eagerly wore it in hot weather and the wool completely irritated my skin hence I didn’t like it all that much. I recently rediscovered it (thanks to our move again) and it has brought me so much joy as the weather begins to transition to spring.

Jeans: Impulse purchase from the Cheap Monday sales pile in Stockholm about 4 years ago. It went on high rotation initially but the length was a bit off-putting so I gave up on them eventually. I caught the hemming bug  recently and after giving them a good snip, they are back in action!

Loafers: These are my treasured shoes, as they were given to me 2 Christmases ago in South Africa as a surprise gift (Mr M ordered them from the U.S., which was then delivered to Sydney and lugged to Cape Town). They are not that comfortable but I’m determine to break into them and give them the attention that they deserve this summer onwards.

Bag: Bought from a leather shop in Chianti during our honeymoon to Italy 2 years ago. It’s not a designer item but I’ll treasure it forever.

Scarf: I saw a lady being wrapped up in this cosy cashmere looking scarf the other day and was reminded of this mustard one that I have. It’s certainly not cashmere but the material is so light and soft. I just need to make a mental note to stop buying new scarves to replace the ones I have every year.

Coat: My most recent purchase from Incu and I’ve not put it down ever since. There’s something nice about the boyfriend silhouette and black just goes with everything.

What memories does your outfit evoke today?


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