Street Stylin’

A week ago, Darius from Tenoyo Photography asked me whether I was keen on doing a shoot with him. He’s looked at wllwproject and liked the rather natural take on the photos here. In all honesty, I’m just not that skilled at doing makeup and hair but I guess that worked to my advantage in this case! I digressed… I was beyond flattered but worried that I might not ‘perform’ to a reasonable standard, whatever that standard might be. I agreed nonetheless because it would be a valuable experience to work with someone else and to get out of my little comfort zone. Very quickly, we decided on the time and location to meet and the rest was history!


These photos have a  rustic and vintage appeal to them and I’m really enjoying the vibes that they give out. I learnt that it’s got to do with the Leica lense that Darius used for the shoot.


I would classify these photos as street style photos but a lot more relaxed and down to earth. In a happy coincidence, the polka-dot dress that I had on was a reconstructed vintage piece that I got from a pop up store in Surry Hills a couple of years ago. The dress was girly and lightweight and I couldn’t emphasise enough on the cuteness and practicality of those huge pockets! Threads hung loose on parts of the dress but I saw those flaws as part of its vintage character, and not something that was to be discounted and frowned upon.


Sometimes dressing for the Aussie Spring could be a frustrating thing. Although the sun was scorching hot, the frequent cool breeze was enough to warrant an extra layer. I carried my trusty Saba denim shirt with me just for those moments, and to add a bit more interest to the ensemble (which I think was the bigger motivational factor).

We walked around the hood to scout for interesting backgrounds and working with Darius was a pleasure! The tempo was fast but not in the stressful kind of way. And it’s awesome to see things from another perspective.

It’s been 9 months since I started wllwproject and I’ve certainly opened my eyes to many different things. It’s not the easiest to juggle a blog on the side but I’ve sincerely enjoyed everything that I’ve done here.


What are some of the great opportunities that you’ve had because you took that leap of faith and started your blog?

Looking forward to your replies! Have an awesome week.


Photography| Darius Tenoyo

  1. Starting my blog has given me the opportunity to connect with talented, inspiring people from all over the world:) And love the pics, by the way:):)

  2. I have to agree with Sasha – these pictures are amazing! Very vintage (gotta love Leica!) but still modern, and that goes for your outfit as well. 10 points from me! 🙂

  3. You are gorgeous and beautiful pictures, love simplicity of your dress with this background, cool collaboration, blogging is the most interesting project what I’ve done:)
    Have a good weekend:)

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