Stripe fever {Part 1}: Tokai Forest

It’s mid-week! 1.5 official work days to go till the precious weekend!

Today I will take all of you to an enchanted forest in Cape Town (CT) called Tokai Forest (TF). In case you’re wondering, it’s situated in a ‘burb called Tokai hence the name. Boy, this place is so beautiful! It’s a great place for horse-riding, dog-walking, running, and photo shoots! Best of all, it’s only a stone’s throw away from where we stayed.

wllw 7

Stripes again… I know, but I make no apology for that! I got this silver parka a couple of years ago in an attempt to jump on the parka bandwagon and it has been my go-to piece for cold rainy days or when outdoor activities are anticipated. It’s made of fairly lightweight material therefore it doesn’t look as clunky as some of them would. I had not given it as much attention as it deserves in the past Autumn/Winter so I’m hoping to play with it a bit more with dresses and skirts in the upcoming season!

wllw 4

I simply adore the bracelet that I was wearing! Every single bead is made of a different material and that’s what makes it so unique. I purchased it from Kalk Bay Modern Gallery and if you’re into contemporary art, this is definitely the place to visit. That place is filled with so much creativity, passion and talent. Whilst we feasted our eyes on beautiful art pieces, we also managed to feast our tummies at the superb Olympia Cafe which was located strategically below the gallery. It’s one of those places where injustice is made if you only judge it by its cover.  The cafe looked frayed at the edges but  the food was fresh, delicious and wholesome! It’s one of those unnoticeable gems that would only catch your eyes if someone tells you about it.

wllw 3

wllw 2

The light was so pretty that day.

wllw 5

The sleeves may be rolled up easily without looking too chunky, and the feminine waist was awesome in adding a bit more shape to the overall look.

wllw 8

wllw 1

Be blessed!


Photos by Mr M

  1. Thanks! I think CT is one of those underrated holiday destinations that deserves so much more attention!
    I think I’m a bit starstruck since I follow your blog regularly 🙂

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