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Do you remember your last visit to the zoo?

For the longest time I brushed aside thoughts of visiting the zoo because it sounded like a very childish outing… and I didn’t really have a reason to go there until…

I realised that I was actually taking one of the most beautiful zoos in the world for granted (This thought only came to me after a good 10 years. I know right?!). Taronga zoo boasts a really stunning backdrop of the harbour and city skyline and even if you’re not exactly an animal person, it’s still worthwhile to go there for the 5 minute cable car ride for the postcard scenery. Best of all, the cable car ride is FREE. Now I hope you’re sold.

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Amidst the excitement of having a nice Sunday date with Mr M, I also wanted to make sure that I’m wearing something that is ‘zoo-approproate’. To me that pretty much meant jeans, a loose knitted top, my blue Vans and a hat to fend off the harsh sunlight!

I was debating whether to take my jacket with me but decided against it because the jacket was always a hassle to carry around when the weather warmed up. Guess what?! The temperature did not rise that much throughout the day and I was left walking around feeling like a frozen popsicle! The fingers on my left hand were so numbed that I couldn’t even control them properly. That was pretty unpleasant but thankfully my fingers were smart enough to find their way to the nape of Mr M’s neck to be defrosted (chuckle).

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The leopard printed tank (also styled here back in early Autumn) was worn to add another element to the ‘layered’ look and not because I wanted to blend in with the animals. I promise.

To all Sydneysiders, if you’re looking for a place to relax and have a good time on one of your days off, why don’t you consider the Taronga zoo because in all honesty, I felt it was built more for the adults than the little people. And when people throw questions at you about this well known attraction, at least you’ll have first hand information.

Have an awesome week people and I might see you again in a few days’ time.


Photography| Mr M

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