Sunday Ideals

How would you describe your ideal Sunday?
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How would you describe your ideal Sunday? Mine would be a relaxing day spent doing some really fun things with Mr M, and that could be having a home cooked calorie-laden breakfast, visiting Beautiful Pages or any museum or art gallery, or just basking in the sun.

A couple of weekends ago was another one of those wonderful Sundays where we caught with some friends whom we haven’t seen for ages. I couldn’t help but to feel utterly refreshed after a good catch-up. As we progress in life, it’s so much harder to come together even if it’s just a quick meeting because priorities changed and there are a lot of other things that demand our attention first. There are only so many hours in a day and often there’s just not enough mental space to motivate ourselves to connect with other people. Having said that, connecting is so important as it gives us a sense of community. There’s nothing more precious than building meaningful relationships with people that you love/like hanging out with.

My question for you is how much effort do you put in when it comes to catching up with family and friends?


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