Sweet Tangerine



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2 more months to go before a change in status.

I remember wearing this beautiful tangerine number by ACNE that special night to celebrate my birthday and our engagement. It was warm and sticky and this lightweight dress was an absolute delight to wear.

Last weekend I was yearning for a pop of colour so this dress naturally stood out in a bed of neutrals. This time round I piled on the layers and turned my dress into a skirt instead. Despite the amount of material on my body, the bone chilling wind was difficult to endure and I assumed the ‘I need to pee’ pose for most of the shoot. My head was pounding in agony screaming for some kind of shelter. My hat however refused to stay put and kept flirting with the wind.

I loved the location and light so much that I suggested to Mr M to take a few ‘engagement’ photos of ourselves there as well. It’s pretty cool that this dress has been part of our many special moments together from the day that we acquired it in Stockholm, which happens to be high up in my list of favourite cities in the world. How awesome is that?

Do you also have a special piece that has seen you through many significant moments?


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