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Spring Style Reflections

 If you dress casually or lead a more relaxed lifestyle, this 2017 fashion recap is for you  #ontheblog at GIRLWITHFLOWERS.COM #linkinprofile
 Agh, so good    ☘️ @thegroundsfloralsbysilva #treasuretrove
 All I want for Christmas is... #ontheblog at GIRLWITHFLOWERS  #linkinprofile
 🤱 Being a new mama, breastfeeding is a challenging ballgame that I’m still learning to enjoy. Anything that makes it easier is a big plus for me hence I’m constantly wearing the @targetaus maternity camisole. What I need to do now is to invest in a myriad of bottoms to jazz things up a little!  If you’re interested, head over to GIRLWITHFLOWERS to read about some of the breastfeeding tricks I practice that may also encourage your journey as well. #linkinprofile
 This was taken around 1.5 weeks post-partum. I brought this @gap dress to the hospital with me because of the button-down construction, which was great for 🤱. What are some of your must-haves for your hospital bag? Head over to GIRLWITHFLOWERS if you would like to know what mine are #linkinprofile #mama
 The bun is out of the oven and has been out for 6 weeks!  Being a mom has got to be the toughest gig I’ve ever done but it’s worth the blood, sweat and tears (literally!) If you’re one who likes reading birth stories, head over to GIRLWITHFLOWERS to read about mini M’s rather dramatic birth (to me anyways!) I would like to hear your story too! ❤️ #linkinprofile

Never Too Cool for School

Mixology:: Stripes and Floral

Stripes, Cargos, and Lemons

A Skort Story (I just couldn’t help it)

Rock-A-Bye-Baby On the Tree Top

Asos(ed) Out

Stripes and Spots

Summer Layers

All Striped Out

Playing Tourist in Red Stripes and Neutral

Feeling the Blues…

Discover the Layers

Give Me Some Vertical Stripes

Classic Stripes and The Green Tennis Skirt

Last Weekend Edit: Stripes, Coloured Denim and Leopard Print

Stripe fever {Part 1}: Tokai Forest

Last Weekend Edit: OOTD

Nerd time