Panic Button

Knowing that our lives are going to change forever has somehow released a panic signal that propelled us to saying yes to every social function.
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So We’ve Been Busy Lately…

We’ve been tending to the needs of a newborn for the last couple of weeks.
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 This was taken around 1.5 weeks post-partum. I brought this @gap dress to the hospital with me because of the button-down construction, which was great for 🤱. What are some of your must-haves for your hospital bag? Head over to GIRLWITHFLOWERS if you would like to know what mine are #linkinprofile #mama
 The bun is out of the oven and has been out for 6 weeks!  Being a mom has got to be the toughest gig I’ve ever done but it’s worth the blood, sweat and tears (literally!) If you’re one who likes reading birth stories, head over to GIRLWITHFLOWERS to read about mini M’s rather dramatic birth (to me anyways!) I would like to hear your story too! ❤️ #linkinprofile
 This portrait was taken at the beginning of my maternity leave. Now have a 5 week old  in hand. I sure know how to spread my photos lol  #ontheblog at GIRLWITHFLOWERS #linkinprofile
 Bursting at the seams   #ontheblog At GIRLWITHFLOWERS #linkinprofile
 As dressed up as I could be at #37weeks when hubby took me to the fantastic @nelrestaurant for my birthday celebration   #ontheblog at GIRLWITHFLOWERS #linkinprofile
 Bloomin’ @thegroundsfloralsbysilva  . . . #girlwithflowers #spring #thegrounds #blooms #floral #flowers #fresh #botanicals #lush #tb #details #pinks #florist #happy #iphone6 #portrait #vsco #vscocam #vscogood #bymrm

Top 3 Building Blocks for Cold Weather Pregnancy Fashion

I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t really need to purchase a lot to fulfil my need for variety
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Maternity Jeans 101

If there’s one important lesson that I learnt from getting maternity jeans, it would be to underestimate my size.
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Faux Babymoon

We really didn’t have any leave available which made going for another holiday unviable.
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Mama Bear

This pregnancy has unconsciously dug up many of the hidden fashion tendencies that I never knew I had.
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Time to go Oversized

At this stage I’ve been purchasing items that are a couple of sizes larger than my original frame.
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A New Kind of Layering

I ended up really enjoying this pairing as the volume at the upper part of the body certainly gave me some breathing room.
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Vintage Floral

I wanted to take advantage of the strong country element so I gave myself the permission to wear a floral dress.
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Silver Greta

It’s amazing how a pair of earrings could make a world of difference, both to looks and confidence. Agree?
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Fitted, Ruffly and Flouncy

It’s very rare that I would use those 3 terms to describe my outfit on any given day.
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Tea Party

A couple of weeks ago, I got to put on a my girly dress and heels.
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Mind Over Matter

There’s a constant need to readjust the elasticated shoulder section but I’m slowly learning to overlook that.
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VVIP Guest

We had an unexpected guest during our shoot and that was seriously the best thing ever.
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A Little Daring

What are your thoughts about wearing something a little see-through?
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Sunday Ideals

How would you describe your ideal Sunday?
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NYC with an OCD Planner #2 :: Packing Top 3 + Empire State

Empire State of Mind
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You know that time when your loved ones/friends did that whole “surrrrprrriissee!” thing for you on your birthday?
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Chasing Sunsets

Sometimes it takes a couple of tries to make things better but that’s completely ok don’t you think?
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The power that a little bit of fabric has around the neck is incredible.
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Minimise x3

Does moving make you want to cull everything so that you don’t have to deal with things that really don’t add value to your life anymore?
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The Goods Line

Mr M discovered The Goods Line, which is a mini equivalent of NY’s High Line.
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There’s just something appealing about the boyfriend silhouette.
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Snip Snip

Can you guess what they are?
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Layering is my favourite game in the colder seasons.
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“I don’t follow fashion trends.”
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My Armour

I love how soft and warm the material was, the way it draped over my body and most of all, I felt confident in it.
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An Intermission

The denim fabric is so versatile and I cannot imagine life without it, ever.
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Dear Newbie Knitter

Low Key

It’s not our go-to style but I definitely like the darker and more mysterious vibe.
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Summer Vibes

Location: Coogee
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Gut Feeling

I taught myself 3 lessons. Read on.
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Unusual Length

Lengthwise, let’s just say that it’s a little awkward.
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Just the 2 of Us

We could fill our lives up with as much excitement and busy-ness as we want to but ultimately having the time to simply enjoy each other’s company is fundamental for both of us to grow together in our marriage.
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Arctic Vortex

If given a choice, I would happily embrace the chill rather than half-hearted winters.
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Plan B

What happens if we were not having a good day or things just didn’t go according to plan?
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Tired of going through the same motion every single day?
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That Mongolian Girl

Whatever it is, as long as I understand the principle of not taking fashion overly seriously, I believe that I’m in for a pretty fun ride.
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Read and Experiment

I really miss reading good quality materials as opposed to all the fluff that I’m exposed to every day.
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My Temporary Playground

Rugged and untouched, this is the Australia that I hope to be in touched with more often.
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The Pink Bear

Since the weather is Mudgee was considerably cooler, I was able to pull out my “bear suit” for a ride.
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Winter is the perfect time to experiment with longer lines and unusual fabrics.
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Slow Movement

I don’t want to consume life, I want to appreciate it instead and I have a choice.
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Change of Course

This seems to defy the logic that I knew all along and the idea of getting “less” in return requires a bit of getting use to.
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I miss those days, I really do. Those simple days where a good book was able to keep me occupied for hours on end and provide a wonderful sense of satisfaction that lasted a long, long time.
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Face to Face

A bit of face to face interaction definitely goes a long way in this lonely yet overly publicised world.
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Mount Wilson

Although the misty condition was not conducive for driving, it had definitely turned our surroundings into a movie set, beautiful, melancholic and creepy.
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All the jumping had also reminded me of the early days of Margaret Zhang’s blogging career, where jumping while posing was her signature move.
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Pina Colada

Exercising a little bit of imagination could totally shed new light to pieces of garments that were manufactured to look a certain way.
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Mesh It Up

Stay Tuned

Would You Dress For The Other Person?

Reworking Summer into Winter

Using My 5 Senses

Is It a Good Purchase?

Sweet Tangerine


Let’s Celebrate and Share

Creating New From Old

Bless Someone

My Superhero Fashion Dream

A Matter of Choice

Earth Tones

Street Stylin’

A Pop of Colour Makes Life Happier

T-Shirt and Jeans

Asos(ed) Out

wllwproject Plays| A Partially Mysterious Ensemble

Fighting Winter Blues with Denim and Tweed

Summer Layers

Let’s Cosy Up with Knit and Maxi


Playing Tourist in Red Stripes and Neutral

Discover the Layers

Blue and Green Shall Be Seen Together

A Little Bit of Grunge

Luscious Burgundy Boots and Fluffy Sweater

The Sheer Linen Dress

Give Me Some Vertical Stripes

Classic Stripes and The Green Tennis Skirt

Polka Dot Midi and The Bright Orange Popsicle

Say: She Sells Sea Shells by the Seashore

What are your thoughts on maxi dresses?

Last weekend edit: Rain drops keep falling on my head