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As I?m writing this, I?m cruising at 38,000ft above sea level, more than half way into my journey to Malaysia for a little break. I?m normally a bit of a snob when it comes to choosing my airlines but this time round I opted for the budget option for a few reasons, some silly, some sensible.

Honestly, I?m really loving this decision. Of course there isn?t going to be any photos of me looking glamorous and all stretched out like those that you may see on other blogs. In fact the seat that I?m sitting on is a little tight (but comfortable enough) and random blue pen marks are staring back at me above the magazine pocket. Right now, I really cannot care less about these little flaws for the following reason: I was able to focus and read undisturbed for 2 hours while taking cat naps in between. I can’t really remember the last time when I read ?properly? without giving in to distractions. Without any form of inflight entertainment and any access to social media, I managed to go through some reading materials that I?ve been wanting to cross off my list for the longest time. I really enjoyed the feeling of holding something tangible in my hands and was pleasantly reminded of the joy that reading had brought me before I knew anything about digital media.

I?m feeling rather productive now and I might proceed to write a post on my wedding blog. Mr M and I could definitely hear it crying out for attention especially when the wedding is merely 3 months away. Speaking of which, if you?ve been following WLLWPROJECT for a while, you would probably know that I?m having my wedding dress custom made. I went for my 4th calico fitting last week and the dress is taking shape nicely. I would never ever trade this experience of mine with anything else. Taking the courage to entrust a dressmaker to create the most important dress of my life is liberating and very rewarding at the same time. Besides learning more about the design process and all the hardwork that goes into wedding dressmaking from scratch, I really appreciate the friendship that comes out on the other end as well. I believe that these experiences are going to make my big day that little bit more special and memorable for me.

I know that Sam from Sam Is Home is pretty obsessed with designing and producing her own pieces, which I must say is bloody cool and awesome. Who else is doing the same thing as well? Care to share some stories?

Photography| Mr M

  1. Hahaha! I guess obsessed but it’s relatively hard work than just walking into Zara and just buying something off the rack. I really love this outfit on you- especially those dove greys and light blues. I can’t wait to see the dress- do post some behind the scenes photos of the progress!


    1. I cannot imagine the amount of hard work that goes into clothes making! You know what? I haven’t taken a single photo when I go for fittings because I couldn’t seem to remember to whip out my phone!!!! argh.

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