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How was your Easter Weekend?

I had a fantastic and somewhat restful one. I’ve started looking into the nitty gritty wedding details and the possibilities are practically endless. Research has been fun but time consuming, and I realised that wedding preparation is only as stressful as you would allow it to be. There are so many fantastic ideas out there that I wish I could experiment on but the sensible side of me know that it is impossible to include every beautiful item/DIY in the wedding. Mr M and I have decided to keep things simple and make sure that there’s consistency throughout rather than focussing too much on every little detail individually. As much as I hope that my wedding would be worthy of wedding blogs and magazines, I have to constantly remind myself that our wedding day is really about 2 people coming together. Its meaning has nothing to do with how lavish or impeccable everything is.

Mr M and I have also managed to squeeze in a couple of photo shoots throughout the long weekend as a means to upkeep my blogging efforts. I gotta say that I’ve slacked off a little bit for the past few months. I love recording my thoughts here but I’m physically not able to be as active as I was before. This is a period in my life where I have to learn how to prioritise. If I cannot do certain things, I would have to be in peace about it instead of beating myself up about it.

This YESIMFRENCH Panelled Crop Top truly showcases Sandra’s passion for mixing materials together. The plastic-like sleeves instantly brings life to the top and the raised quilted core panel creates a nice tactile interest for the wearer. It’s one of those tops that are unique but not to the extend where wearing it becomes difficult. In fact, it has so much potential to shine. What more, ironing isn’t required for this top too!

How adventurous are you when it comes to dressing up?


Photography| Mr M

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