The Business of Blogging

Ultimately I believe that it’s about managing my expectations and choosing what’s important.
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Top Hectorr Jeans Rag&Bone Sneakers Superga Bag Rebecca Minkoff Sunnies Ray-Ban Bangle [Add]Tension

Rain pitter-pattering, I made myself a steaming cup of ginger and pandan tea, lit my handmade candle and now I’m ready to blog.

With WLLWPROJECT approaching its Big Three (hip hip hooray!) and the fact that we’ve just stepped into a brand new year, I’m thinking a lot more about the future of this blog and what blogging really means to me. If you asked me just over 5 years ago whether I could imagine having the opportunity to put myself out there and share my personal style with you, I would completely shun the idea as I didn’t have any capacity to produce images that are presentable and knowledge to run a website. Science was all I knew and any form of creative work seemed so far-fetched. Yes, the WWW has provided us with endless opportunities to “make our dreams come true” and even more so nowadays with easy to use templates and platforms but ultimately it takes the right people at the right time to make things happen. I don’t have any special connections but I’m very fortunate that my then boyfriend, now husband is equipped with a few important skills and is willing to sacrifice his own free time for WLLWPROJECT. There were definitely moments when both of us struggled to find motivation and purpose for this side project of mine but you know what, I’m glad that we just hung in there because we have so much more to give.

Although WLLWPROJECT is only 3 years old, it has evolved a fair bit over that period of time. It’s safe to say that I have a better understanding of my likes and dislikes now and I’ve learnt to shop better. As much as I would love to flip my hair back and deny this, reality is that I go out of my way to shop when I have nothing new to share on the blog. The only thing that I’m doing less of is bingeing on mass-produced clothes and regretting my purchases afterwards. I’m trying to get the hang of quality over quantity (oh Zara I still love you!) and because of this, there will always be a tension between wanting that “investment piece” and my own shopping budget. Ultimately I believe that it’s about managing my expectations and choosing what’s important, both for now and in a long run. Just to put it out there, I do love beautiful things with crazy price tags but knowing my limits and self-worth have saved me from a lot of mental agony. Jealousy (go away!) does creep in because so-and-so seems to have it all but you know what, I’ll get over it by the end of the day. Everybody’s made differently for a different purpose.

So what’s in for WLLWPROJECT this year? I don’t have any concrete plans yet but I’ll ask myself more “whys” to try and figure things out. In order for me to better run this blog, there are many questions that I would need answers to. It would only be fair for Mr M if he too finds some kind of meaning and motivation as a volunteer blogger husband (if you will). There really isn’t much of a purpose to keep creating self-indulgent fashion photos unless we’re benefiting you in some way or other. I started this blog to share my thoughts (I have no idea why) and try and fulfil my own little fantasy to hopefully “make it” one day as a blogger (because the prospects look too good to be true) but these reasons are no longer enough for me. Having said that, I’m not about to do something radical. I just hope that 2016 would be a year of consideration, especially where fashion and creativity meet.

5th day into the new year. How has it been so far?


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