The Goods Line

Mr M discovered The Goods Line, which is a mini equivalent of NY’s High Line.
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Jumper Helmut Lang Pants Zara Boots Topshop Scarf Handknit by me (using Brooklyn Tweed) Sunnies ROC Eyewear

Still feeling the buzz of NYC’s art scene, Mr M and I were looking for something fun to do last Sunday. Mr M discovered The Goods Line, which is a mini equivalent of NY’s High Line so we headed there with certain expectations. I love the whole concept of building a community-oriented space in an otherwise abandoned piece of land but somehow The Goods Line lacks in impact if you take High Line as a goal standard. To be fair though, The Goods Line is a little less than a year old and the scale is much smaller. It’s certainly also not as green and lush and only time could tell if it is to be another popular tourist attraction in Sydney.

I’ve been toying with the idea of white high-waisted jeans (this is my dream pair) but kept holding it off out of fear of damaging the wash with clumsy stains and dirt. I’m making do with my Zara chinos for now but hopefully I would pluck up the courage to take the plunge. It really is not a life or death situation but I tend to get weary about spending a chunk of money on clothes that I don’t love. I’m warming up to the idea of quality over quantity but I also need to know that I’ve done a whole lot of consideration before hand. As for my sweater,  I don’t think it needs any introduction as I’ve used it for a number of pairings on this blog. I’m currently rotating between this Helmut Lang one, this and this and I’m itching to purchase another one just to mix things up more.

Maybe I should play with my hair instead.


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