The Imperfect Cook

Nowadays I put a lot less pressure on myself to be the perfect cook.

I cook at least 4 times a week and I gotta be honest and say that sometimes it felt like a bit of a drag especially after a 10 hour work day. I was quite overwhelmed at the second half of last year and stopped enjoying making and baking because of the unspoken obligation. There was a few outbursts as I began to question my ability to keep up with my kitchen duties. Eating out is presumably less healthy and very expensive here in Sydney and part of me still wanted to contribute to the household in a tangible, hands-on  way. I managed to push on and thankfully my thinking corrected itself and turned a corner this year.

Nowadays my cooking schedule remains the same but I started experimenting with unfamiliar ingredients while relishing in the fact that we live in a beautiful country with an abundance of fresh produce. The fact that I could make food from scratch is truly a blessing that shall not be taken for granted.

The other thing that makes cooking more fun? Serving food in pretty tableware! Mr M and I use boring white plates (because that’s what Mr M lugged with him from Cape Town) but I definitely hope to purchase a few beautiful bits and bops when I become a little more gentle with dishwashing.

Just wondering, who here goes all out and uses fancy tableware daily?


Jot down your thoughts!