The Red Cheongsam

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Photo Credit: The Robertsons <3

2 months of blogging hiatus went by rather quickly and lots, I mean LOTS had happened during those 60 days.

I … became a missus to one amazing man, went on a honeymoon of my dreams, moved, and now back to the daily grind.

There’s a tonne of things that I would love to share but I figured the best way to warm you up again is to share my wedding outfits and show you a few photos of the wedding itself. A picture is always worth a thousand words in my dictionary!

For the Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony, I opted for a red cheongsam that was customised by Malaysian fashion designer Oscar Ng. I wouldn’t call myself a ‘red person’ but I couldn’t imagine wearing any other colour on my big day. It took barely an hour to finalise the details of the cheongsam as Oscar is an experienced cheongsam maker. I knew I wanted a high collar, a bit of sleeves, lace detailing, a low back and an ankle length hemline. Oscar suggested to bling up the cheongsam with some sequins and I loved the glittery effect! Those little studs just shimmered so beautifully in the sun!

I paired my cheongsam with some crazy high nude pumps that had been sitting in my cupboard for a while, and a gorgeous dainty pearl necklace that my beloved mama wore on her wedding day. Those Japanese pearlies were given to her by my late-granny hence they were exceptionally precious to wear. I simply adore pairing pearls with cheongsam as both of them just elevate the glamorous and old-school vibes to another level.

Don’t get me started on those fresh blooms on my head! My superstar florists (which will soon be revealed in future posts) are such naturals in nailing things! So much love for them!!!

I would so love to be able to divulge every single detail but you and I know that it’s impossible. Let’s just say that the Chinese Tea Ceremony was as beautiful as it could ever be. I love meaningful traditions and that sat high up on my list of things to do on the big day.

I’ll shoosh now.


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