The Underwear

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Images via Journelle

I never thought that I would ever write a post about underwear!

To many, it’s publicly inappropriate to discuss about those itty bitty pieces of fabric. To me, I could deal with the general discomfort associated with this subject as long as I’m talking to girls! In all honesty though, I think underwear is probably the most underrated item in our wardrobe although all most of us have it on every single day.

Have you ever avoided buying tops that are relatively sheer because you don’t know what to wear underneath? I’ve been there before but I realised that this worry shouldn’t hold me back in any way. Unlike the olden days, beautiful bras and bralettes are easily accessible now. Having a few good quality black, white or nude ones would save you from lots of inner struggles when you see that gorgeous sheer top that you like in your next shopping trip!

In order to keep things classy, opt for lacy or edgy pieces with interesting cutouts and wear them underneath tops of the same colour. It is not recommended to experiment with colour clashing in this instance unless someone could convince me otherwise.

Does anyone have any other tips or recommendations?

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