The Way To Say ‘WLLW’


One thing that I noticed about WLLWPROJECT in the past year and a little bit was, most people would just refer to it as ‘your blog’ or ‘your project’. Now I don’t blame them for doing that because it was entirely my own doing. The fact was, I had chosen an indecipherable word for my blog and I would need to accept the awkwardness that arose whenever someone struggled to pronounce the word WLLW.

To those who wondered, were curious or had never given it 2 hoots until this very moment, WLLW is pronounced as WILLOW. I mean, isn’t it obvious? I kid.

So how was this word conceived and why did I choose to test everyone, and perhaps even kill every bit of SEO or whatnots with it? I so wish that I could romanticise the whole story but the truth was far from any butterflies and roses. I liked the word ‘willow’ and was hoping to use it in conjunction with the word ‘project’ but the name was unavailable (typical isn’t it?) After wrestling with severe disappointment for a few moments, Mr M then came up with the idea of omitting the vowels and turning it into a palindrome. I was completely smitten with his suggestion.

Have I ever regretted using WLLW instead of a real word? In all honesty yes and no. Yes at times when I needed to re-explain or re-spell the word multiple times. NO because this word was born out of creativity. It’s authentic, special and has a little story behind it.

There, you haven’t got an excuse now for not addressing WLLWPROJECT and my other initiative WLLWPOPUP by their names!




Bunting illustration | Mr M

Logos| Mr M’s bro Mr MM!



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