Time to go Oversized

At this stage I’ve been purchasing items that are a couple of sizes larger than my original frame.
Sweater Organic by John Patrick Jeans rag & bone Boots Topshop Bag Rebecca Minkoff Sunnies ROC Eyewear Earrings Common Muse

As mentioned in the last blog post, first trimester felt quite overwhelming for me as I was trying to adjust to a wider body shape (also means lack of confidence), extreme exhaustion and a complete loss of motivation to do anything at all. Whilst these symptoms are completely natural and not uncommon, mentally, it was hard to feel comfortable in that state. Instead of fighting those feelings, the best way I found was just to roll with it. Feeling tired? Have a snooze. Feeling nauseous? have some sour plums or chewy ginger candies. Feeling unmotivated? Stuff that long list of ‘must-do’, it can wait.

Being a fashion lover since forever, I actually lost my appetite for dressing up and didn’t quite know how to deal with the existing clothes in my wardrobe. Even if I was ready to purchase a bunch of new clothing, I wasn’t sure what to invest in. I’m sure a lot of you out there could relate to this feeling. Although I love the look of mamas-to-be in their figure-hugging clothes, cradling adorable and perfectly shaped bellies, I know now is not the time to try and pull-off that look. Any figure-hugging tops would only emphasise a belly that resembles a beer-filled one so I decided to go down the volume route. As a result, I’ve been purchasing items (gingerly) that are a couple of sizes larger than my original frame. It’s a bit of a gamble but one that I’m willing to take. I completely avoided clothing with a non-stretchable waistband (unrealistic!) but instead opted for tops that are comfortable and could be pulled off as intentionally oversized. This Organic by John Patrick, or was it HOPE sweater (?) was nice and roomy and hopefully would take me through this winter beautifully with its stretchy fabric. The asymmetrical length is perfect for layering and I’m looking forward to play with it a little more as the weather cools down further. Ah have I mentioned how glad I am to own those shiny red patent boots? They are instant mood lifters even on the dullest day.

If you’re at a stage of life where you could relate to the things that I’m experiencing at the moment, or for whatever reason you’re having it worse than me, don’t lose heart. You would slowly work out what works for you and what doesn’t. If need be, have a break! It’s the best way to take a good rest, recharge and really get that glow in your skin! Change is inevitable and uncomfortable but in the big picture, I’m well aware and grateful to be given the opportunity to take part in such a wonderful miracle.

Have a nice day. Wishing you a wonderful and non-pressured day! Looking forward to speak soon in the next post.


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