Top 3 Building Blocks for Cold Weather Pregnancy Fashion

I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t really need to purchase a lot to fulfil my need for variety

These photos were taken a number of weeks ago when it was super cold and windy and layering was inevitable. After a few months of figuring out what fashion means during pregnancy, I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t really need to purchase a lot to fulfil my need for variety. Granted I do have a practical side within me that’s conditioning my thinking but most importantly, getting some of the basics right really did the trick for me. I really don’t believe in overhauling my entire wardrobe for these 9 months of my life. Instead of aiming for quantity, I tried to focus on good quality pieces that I could mix and match and wear over and over again. I do feel bored sometimes and when that happens, I turned my focus to my makeup instead. It’s important to have a few avenues to put my energy into to minimise the feeling of being ‘trapped’. I’ve learnt that self-care and resourcefulness are such important things, pregnant or not and it’s so important to find a rhythm that works at whatever stage of life that you find yourself in.

For cold-weather pregnancy fashion, here are my top 3 building blocks when putting a look together:

#1. Good maternity jeans (click here for my maternity jeans 101) For those who have been following this blog, you might have an inkling that I struggled with getting this right. It took me a while to figure this out as I did most of my shopping online. If you could, I would highly recommend for you to hit the shops instead to minimise agony. Ever since I (so fortunately) purchased these well-fitted jeggings (shown above), my outlook on pregnancy fashion changed forever. Yes it was that dramatic.

#2. Good oversized knits/tops Prior to being pregnant, I was already wearing loads of oversized knits so it felt good to still be able to make use of them. I also purchased a few regular tops in larger sizes (that could served as larger tops post-pregnancy) and that worked really well with my growing belly. The knits that I have been wearing were generally neutral in colour except for this one, which was perfect for satisfying cravings for a pop of colour. When I’m bored with wearing the same tops over and over again, I divert my attention to accessories! I love a good ol’ humble bandana or oversized earrings.

#3. Good colourful coats I never thought that I would ever say this but I have been craving for colours a lot more than usual! Wearing colours lift up my mood instantly and that bright and cheerful feel just works perfectly for a big tummy. No wonder I had been reaching for 2 of my most colourful coats over and over again and ditching that black boyfriend one that was a staple during winter last year lol.

Your turn. What are the top 3 building blocks for your pregnancy wardrobe?


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