Tropical Print

Being on an island definitely called for this palm print dress by Family Affairs.
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After our honeymoon in Italy, Mr M and I headed to Malaysia, or Pangkor Laut Resort to be precise for a week of pure relaxing before heading back to Sydney. I had heard tonnes about this resort so it was such a treat to be able to experience it for myself. PLR is located on a privately own island so there wasn’t very much to do except for doses of spa, tanning (which I’m rather against) and sleeping in. I was also secretly glad that the room that we were in didn’t have a TV or wi-fi connection so I could fully relax without having to fight against urges to connect with the world! Believe it or not, I only instagrammed a handful of photos the entire time that I was away. It was really refreshing and somewhat liberating for sure.

Being on an island definitely called for this palm print dress by Family Affairs. If you need some introduction to this quirky indie brand, see this. The cotton material and flirty full skirt are perfect for combatting the heat and speedy drying. The fun print and frills made me really happy and girly, so much so that I had to twirl in it!

What is the one dress in your wardrobe that you would take to an island with you?


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