Two Years

I can honestly refer to WLLWPROJECT as Our Project.

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I’m a bit of a late bloomer when it comes to blogging. I was quite happy sitting in the back seat enjoying another person’s work without having to put in the hard yards myself. I did that for a long time, and reached a point where I realised that passively absorbing ideas, opinions, and in the case of fashion blogs, lots of photos wasn’t cutting it. I was tempted to take on the driver’s role but I was also overwhelmed by a heap of barriers. I didn’t have the confidence and computer skills, I was semi-reluctant to pose in front of the camera, my writing skills were not amazing, oh and I wasn’t pretty enough so on and so forth.

Fast forward to a couple of years later, guess what? WLLWPROJECT is celebrating its terrible twos! I’m not sure how I’ve managed to persevere through doubts and bouts of creative dry spells. I could only attribute such dedication to the fact that I really enjoy the freedom of expression that this blog has given me in the way of fashion. And by fashion, I don’t really mean high fashion, print explosions and all the fancy fluff. Unlike many fortunate ladies out there with a well-stocked, branded wardrobe, I have a relatively small selection of clothing and limited budget to pick at hence I do factor in a lot of considerations before making purchases (though there were also mindless impulse buys which were highly regretted).

I tend to adopt a rather casual and down to earth approach when it comes to dressing as this style is most relevant to my lifestyle and the social context that I’m bound within. That doesn’t mean that I’m ruling out fun experimentations because I can definitely see value in that. I’m just at a stage where I understand the kind of clothing that makes me feel most at ease and confident and I want WLLWPROJECT to reflect that. I have to admit that it is a bit more challenging to come up with fresh pairing ideas with repeat pieces but I want to keep it real for you guys. I’m not looking to inspire people as we’re all getting harder and harder to inspire with the wealth of amazing information that surrounds us. What I do want though is for you to be able to relate to WLLWPROJECT and hopefully, take away something good and apply it to your life.

I still remember my very first photoshoot in the neighbourhood, Mr M’s neighbourhood to be precise #awkward. Both of us were trying to figure out the mechanics of running a blog and ways to make it look pretty. It was exhilarating for me, especially because I felt like I was fulfilling some kind of a dream. I couldn’t say the same for Mr M as he was literally coerced into lending me a hand with photography and all the brainy computer stuff.  He’s still lending his hand right now (there’s no running away!) and I can confidently say that things wouldn’t be as smooth sailing if not for his hardwork on top of the toil in the corporate world. Although I would love to be selfish and take all the credit for this blog, I can honestly refer to WLLWPROJECT as our project. And it is through this project that we develop, grow and carry out our creative pursuits together as a couple, which I think is pretty special.

I’m not sure how I’m only mentioning this at this part of the post because it’s a big deal and it’s worth all the screaming and shouting WoWheeee! Like all computer applications, WLLWPROJECT is overdue for a facelift and after a month of designing and coding diligently, the new layout is finally unveiled! YAY (I’m sure you would have realised if you are a regular visitor). Mr M worked really hard to make sure that the computer, mobile and iPad versions are all looking good so I hope that you enjoy our this handiwork of his. He’s not a computer programmer so everything was self-thought and learnt on the go #soproud. I’m really liking this layout as it’s more substantial and functional. Please let us know what you think and give us some lovin’ at the bottom of this post! If you have any ideas for improvement, please also feel free to leave them at the comments section below.

Oops, I don’t think I’ve spoken anything about the outfit yet. I really enjoyed the proportions of this pairing. Crop and tight fitting top paired with the right amount of flair and volume at the bottom. The crop+high-waisted equation just works and I’m planning to add a few more pieces of these styles to the wardrobe when I stumble upon worthy looking ones. The pineapple print is the epitome of summer (think: pina colada) and I actually purchased it from Glassons with a matching bottom. I’m going to show you how I played with the pineapple print bottom really soon so keep a look out for that! Those leather shoes with little heels and laces by Isa Tapia I love, and I’ve made a decision to wear them out more often if the Australian summer heat is not too overbearing. Overall I’m just really looking forward to rework the those pieces in this look to completely different outfits as the season rolls on.

Ah, I feel completely re-newed with this fresh layout and I’m excited about the things that are going to take place in this space this year. WLLWPROJECT is feeling more alive than ever!



  1. Dayummmmm can I hire Mr. M to help me revamp my website? It looks incredible- I love the drop down header bar. Tell him “job well done!” for me!

    And I totally understand where you’re coming from in terms of buying around your functional and social paramters- I do that too and it’s rather hard shooting at times since I don’t really have anything new (damn it’s those waxed jeans again) but another part of me feels like if blogging is about reality (which many blogs have almost become magazine editorials), then those same items should repeat in our photos because that’s how most people dress.

    Anyway, congrats on your blog revamp! Looking forward to 2015 of your posts!


    1. Thanks Sam, Mr M was absolutely flattered! He really enjoys the simplicity of your website and doesn’t think that it requires much of an update haha!

      I guess I would never make it to the editorial style of blogging unless WLLWPROJECT is my one and only focus. It takes too much time and like you mentioned, it’s not real.

      Hope my posts this year don’t dissapoint!

  2. It can be awkward!! I have that same feeling. But I have to say, you look really comfortable, the shots are gorgeous. I wish I could wear midi skirts, but they make me feel even more awkward, your looks fantastic!
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