Using My 5 Senses

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I’ve been hooked on instagram lately. I find myself constantly using the ‘explore’ function, gawking at images that are beyond amazing and storing up inspirations into my memory bank. I’m so grateful that technology has enabled easy access to remarkable works from all around the world in seconds. However do you find 2D images a little flat and dull when compered to experiencing the world personally with your 5 senses? I certainly feel that way.

Just last week I decided to treat myself to decent coffee at the other side of where I live. I took my own sweet time and allowed myself the luxury of having coffee in a proper cup, instead of a takeaway paper one. I sipped my coffee slowly, people watched a little and immersed myself in some quality me-time, doing nothing. After the caffeine injection, I went for a stroll around the neighbourhood, admired the architecture within the vicinity and soaked in whatever ‘real life’ had to offer. I felt so spoilt. I realised that I would much rather partake in activities than to admire beautifully constructed photos from afar. I feel a lot more alive that way.

Are you a more experiential type of person like me or would you happily sit at home with your lappie?


Ps. The denim skirt above is my very first online purchase years ago. When it arrived, the skirt was actually too snug for me but I forced it on anyways without wanting to return it. How silly. I decided to just disregard the skirt after a number of wears mainly due to discomfort and awkward bulges. Recently however my desire for a knee length denim skirt had me rediscovering this long unwanted piece and guess what, I might even give it a bit more love provided that my waistline doesn’t balloon after I become Mrs M!

  1. I agree! I too am an instagram addict and it can be to while away hours at a time admiring other peoples beautiful lives rather than living our own! I try and catch myself out before I do this too much though 🙂

  2. I’m both. I actually don’t scroll through instagram a lot and limit my time on it. I actually stopped using Instagram for a whole year (I know that sounds like social media suicide) but at the time I felt like I was comparing myself with others and felt a pressure to take pictures for the sake of posting and getting more likes. Anyway I started it again because I view it more as a professional thing now and use it solely for that use than just personal ‘selfie’ photos. However I’m pretty bad when it comes to Pinterest- I get lost in it sometimes and use it to procrastinate from doing work. 😛

    Great post! Sorry I went rambling.


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