Wardrobe Detox

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I’ve always been a bargain hunter. My eyes would light up at the sight of discounts or low cost (hence sometimes low quality) fashion and the urge to ‘save money’ would overcome any logic. As a result of that, I’ve acquired a bunch of items that filled my massive wardrobe to the brim. If you asked me whether I was happy with my wardrobe a year or 2 ago, I would probably say yes. If you asked me now, the answer is I’m so ready for a wardrobe detox!

If you’re an avid fashion blog reader, I’m sure you’ve encountered tonnes of bloggers wanting a smaller and much more selective wardrobe. I couldn’t quite grasp their desires initially because my natural instinct is to want more, and more. Lately though, I’ve begun to feel the same about having a better quality wardrobe. Maybe it’s an age thing. I’m paying a lot more attention to fit, fabric, functionality and workmanship. I’m a lot more interested in making use of every single piece of clothing I own season after season rather than instant gratification.

There’s no denying that my current wardrobe is predominantly made up of ZARA and ASOS. Neither am I detesting it nor ashamed of it because I had purchased some pretty amazing stuff from these high street brands. What I hope to do this year though is to explore other options and slowly transition myself to brands that really make an impression on me. I’m highly aware that this is going to be an expensive affair. However this would give me the opportunity to learn about budgeting and make planned purchases rather than the ones that didn’t quite matter in the end. I’m looking forward to the day when I could truthfully use the words carefully curated when painting a description of my wardrobe.

When was the last time that you did a wardrobe detox?


Photography| Mr M

ps. The navy tank that I was wearing was the other half of these wrap shorts that were featured here

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