Wedding Florals

David & Mun Married - 0884 Photos by The Robertson

David & Mun Married - 0584

David & Mun Married - 0588

David & Mun Married - 0798

David & Mun Married - 0874

David & Mun Married - 0870

David & Mun Married - 0872

David & Mun Married - 0873

David & Mun Married - 0907

Flowers, how I adore them.

I knew that compromising on the flowers wasn’t an option for the wedding so I engaged Sydney’s best floral makers The Sisters to handle the deed. Boy, their handiwork brought such joyful tears to my eyes!

Esther, one half of The Sisters whom I communicated with throughout the entire planning process was an absolute darling. To make things even more wonderful, I found out that we attend the same church at our first meeting. What a pleasant co-incidence! Sharing my ideas with her was a lot of fun, so were the boy talks 😉 It felt as though I’ve known her for way longer than I really did. I honestly couldn’t have rated them any higher!

Hope you enjoy the photos. Happy Thursday!


Ps. These amazing girls are featured regularly on Australia’s bridal magazines such as Hello May and White Magazine so do keep a lookout for their amazing works.

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