wllwproject Discovers {Brand}| Dress Up

Hello people! Today I present to you the SS13/14 collection by Australian designer Stephanie Downey for her brand Dress Up. These wonderful photos have finally made their way to this blog post after sitting on the desktop for at least a month.

Artboard1 artboard2

I’m in love with every single one of these looks.

This collection is definitely the epitome of a trendy Aussie girl. The silhouettes are rather loose and relaxed without too many frills. And that’s exactly how I would love to dress on most occasions.

In other news, I did a photoshoot with a photographer friend of mine today and I’m looking forward to share them here with you sometime in the future. I was prepared to stuff up and embarrass myself but the whole process went really smoothly and quickly, to my amazement. Please stay tuned!

We’re inching towards the weekend now so hang in there!

Speak soon.

{Collages made with photos from Dress Up)




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