wllwproject Discovers {Brand}| Macgraw


W-O-W. I’m still as in love with the Macgraw lookbooks now as I was when I first laid eyes on them a while ago. I first discovered this up and coming Australian label when Sarah Donaldson of Harper and Harley wore their soft pink short suit on her blog. To be honest, I was quite curious about the origins of Macgraw because that name just reminded me of textbook publisher Mcgraw-Hill. I didn’t know what to expect because of the rather unconventional  name BUT as soon as I saw a couple of their designs, I knew almost instantly that this brand is right up my alley. I’m proud to also say that this brand is a brainchild of 2 very stylish sisters who also happened to reside in the same city as me.


Macgraw’s silhouettes are soft, feminine, modern and with a touch of edge for some of their looks. I especially adore their beautifully tailored lace dresses and metallic pieces. Having said that though, I will be extremely happy to wear just about anything that they had produced because I just love their simple and unpretentious cutting. To those who are after thoughtful designs and have a little cash to splurge on, Macgraw is the way to go.

Also check out these other great images by bloggers who were showing off this wonderful brand:

> DIY queen Geneva of a pair and a spare

> Margaret Zhang of Shine By Three

{Grid collages made with images from Macgraw}

Talk soon.


ps. Thank you Mr M for teaching me how to use Adobe Illustrator to put these images together. Being from a science and business background, I was deprived of the opportunity to fiddle around with creative tools like this at work!

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