wllwproject Discovers {Brand}| Sophie Bille Brahe

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Images via Sophie Bille BraheNet-A-Porter & Stylebop

Pearls, they make you think of the older generation don’t they?

Some people are very pearl averse. I never saw myself as one of them and I think it’s because my mom has a really beautiful collection of funkily designed classic and baroque pearls. I have definitely seen how gloriously versatile they are.

I was going through honestlywtf the other day, immersing myself in visual heaven as per usual and when I encountered the post dedicated to Sophie Bille Brahe, I just couldn’t peel my eyes away from the screen. The Danish designer has utilised this seemingly under appreciated gem in the best possible ways. Edgy and modern, pearls have never looked this ‘young’.

Sophie Bille Brahe, you’ve nailed it. Big time.


ps. Please go to wllwproject’s polyvore for direct links to the items.

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