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What’s the first thought that crosses your mind when people talk about ‘knitting’?

These are some of the descriptive words that came to my mind : motherly, grandmotherly, love, homemade, warm, fuzzy, thoughtful.

As you could already tell, I held a pretty old-fashioned point of view towards this activity… until I encountered Knots & Knits on one of my favourite DIY websites. Geneva the DIY extraordinaire behind a pair & a spare started a new segment called ‘the collective’ earlier this year that features a heap of amazing independent designers with a flair for handmade pieces. Megan from Knots & Knits was first up with her tutorial on the roped macrame necklace which looked brilliant but totally do-able even by someone like me. I especially loved the colour combination that Megan had chosen for the necklace so naturally I gravitated towards her website. Boy, was I impressed with what I found!




Megan’s works are fresh, modern, and totally functional. I’m quite a visual and tactile person so those beautiful colours and textures inevitably ticked my fancy. My favourites are definitely her range of clutches and bags. I imagine not needing to do very much at all to look chic as long as you have one of those beauties in your hand. Since everything is designed and made with her skilled hands, there’s also the element of love and expertise that most people look for when purchasing handmade items.

If you asked me what crosses my mind now when I think about ‘knitting’?

I would confidently say: creative, modern, unique, chic, and most importantly, filled with love.

{Photos used with permission by Knots and Knits}

Have a lovely weekend!


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