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Are you obsessed with the idea of a wardrobe full of vintage goodies?

If you are, or at least plan to be, ADORED VINTAGE might just be the place you want to visit right now. I chanced upon this little online gem a couple of weeks ago and was instantly smitten with those beautifully aged pieces that were on display. I’m a newbie when it comes to the world of vintage fashion, in fact I don’t know very much at all but looking at those unique and gorgeous dresses made me wish that we were still in era of ‘the Stepford Wives’.



The above collage is made with some of the more flirty and feminine pieces that I absolutely adore while sifting through the store. From observation, the emphasis on vintage dresses tends to be on the hourglass silhouette of a woman. This means having a rather fitted waist but a full voluminous bottom section. I cannot imagine any woman not wanting to dance and twirl in these pretties! What can I say, the olden day kind of sexy is definitely more demure, elegant, tasteful and wrapped up than some of the modern day itty bitty versions that have been bombarding our eyesight every single day.

When and where would I wear these rather formal looking outfits to you might ask? I personally think they are perfect for special occasions and joyful celebrations like weddings, anniversaries, birthday celebrations, that upcoming fancy dinner date… or just whenever really (restrictions do not apply)! Most of all, women’s greatest concern aka clashing of outfits (I kid) would be a far-fetched thought as each piece is truly one of a kind.



Vintage can take on a modern context too. I picked the above pieces because they could be easily incorporated into our daily ensembles without looking over the top. The prints are fresh and fun and wearing any of the item above could certainly give a different vibe to whatever looks you’re trying to achieve. Modern vintage is definitely for those who seek to be different or to stand out from the crowd!

ADORED VINTAGE also has a thoughtfully curated bridal section for vintage brides and my favourite has got to be this delicate beauty and this number which sadly had been sold. These dresses are valuable not only for their design, material, and history, they also breathe precious memories of those who once made an eternal vow in them. 

So ladies, what are your thoughts on vintage fashion?

{Collages made with images from ADORED VINTAGE}

Have a restful weekend!


ps. I would like to quickly apologise for the random ‘re-blogged’ posts that had been appearing on my blog in the last few days. Initially, I thought that security might have been compromised, but I soon realised that those posts were a result of my ‘fat finger syndrome’. I shall be more careful next time instead of frantically tapping on the screen whenever I go through the reader.

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