wllwproject Discovers {Wedding}| Laure de Sargazan

I spent most of the first day of 2014 recovering from the late night incurred on the day before. Whilst nursing a fairly heavy head, I wanted to be a little productive with my time so I researched on wedding gowns. There is a myriad of gorgeous gowns out there and it really made me wonder whether I have the ability to choose the one and be happy with it. I also don?t have a huge dress budget at my disposal so that makes things a lot simpler or harder (depending on how you look at it). I?ve read many times that when a bride-to-be encounters the one, her gut would instantly recognise it. I pray that it is as simple for me.

Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 5.30.09 pm

Images via Laure de Sargazan

I?m currently finding a lot of inspiration from French Brides. They exude such an admirable nonchalance. None of that bridezilla nonsense but a sense of self control and an act of class. It doesn?t matter that her hair is messy or her makeup is a little too natural because the big day is just like any other day.

This collection named deux mille quatorze by Laure de Sargazan encompasses all the elements I love for an outdoor wedding dress. Lace, light creamy fabrics and loose silhouettes, being a bride has never seemed this easy.


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