Would You Dress For The Other Person?



Things are going a little crazy here! I think it is quite inevitable for my blogging effort to come to a halt as the wedding day draws closers. I was already warned by Mr M about the use of social media on our honeymoon so let’s just say that my internet presence (not that I have a lot of it) would likely be zilch from September onwards.

I did have this question brewing in my head though…

”Would you dress for the other person i.e. spouse/bf/gf who has a very different aesthetic preference to yours? In other words would you dress for your loved one in their preferred style?

I’m still trying to figure this one out!


Photography| Mr M

  1. I always wear something I’m comfortable in – but sometimes on a special day or to a special dinner I wear something that I know my boyfriend loves. I mix up my serious denim habit to wear one of my favourite floral skirts or something like that, as I know that he appreciates when I wear things I know he likes. So I suppose it’s a yes, sometimes it’s fun to dress with someone else in mind, as long as you love the outfit too!

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