Mun is a drug expert, aspiring blogger and owner of WLLWPOPUP, an online fashion destination that’s based in Sydney, Australia. Although she comes from what would be considered as a conservative background, she has always loved experimenting with fashion.

Girl with Flowers (previously WLLWPROJECT) was created in the spur of the moment as a creative platform for self-expression. Shy by nature, Mun has to learn to be confident in front of the camera and in the outfits that she pulls together. It can be very challenging with a limited selection of clothes but she’s also increasingly liking the idea of having a wardrobe that’s only filled with pieces that she loves to wear. Apart from fashion, GWF also covers bits and pieces of traveling, lifestyle matters and knitting. Yes knitting. Mun is currently knitting jumpers, sweaters and socks in her down time and hopes to show them off when the cold weather creeps in.

In a nutshell, GWF is an accumulation little realities of your normal, everyday kind of girl in sunny Australia. It isn’t extravagant. It is casual and considered.

So come and join Mun on her blogging journey. She feels honoured to be given the ability to share her work publicly and sincerely hopes that her readers would take away something sweet and multiply it to an audience of their own.

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