Button Up Shirt and Tassel Loafers

The Rocks area was filled to the brim with veterans, visitors and people who just found the perfect excuse to drink buckets of beer and play two-up. ANZAC day last Thursday was one big celebration for everyone after the rather solemn dawn service and parade.

Mr M’s friends and their 2 kiddos visited from Canberra so we took the opportunity to head to the Rocks to soak in the festivities. When I was still a student, I loved hanging out at that area for its harbour view and relaxing vibes so being there naturally brought back a number of good memories.

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I love buttoning my shirts all the way up during colder months for 2 simple reasons. Firstly, it keeps the neck area warm, too warm sometimes and secondly it gives a bit of a quirky touch to the overall look. The weather was a little chilly so I threw over a knit for an extra layer.

Now there’s a confession that I need to make… I didn’t really roam around the city in these insanely arched silver shoes from Wittner. I would love to if I could but my legs nearly gave way after walking only a short distance considering a couple of blisters have cropped up after walking in what I considered pretty seasoned and comfortable shoes! Why why tell me why!

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What I love about the design of these heels is that they look like unconventional tassel loafers and they have ‘cool feminine nerd” written all over them. It seems like the society has started to view nerds in a much more forgiving light nowadays because some people (me for e.g) aspire to dress like one on random days. Besides, I’ve also taken a liking for silver shoes again this season.

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We ended the day at the Museum of Contemporary Art and I had so much fun admiring the non-tradional pieces and just  doing something we both enjoy. T’was a good day indeed.

Have a great Monday, or try at least!


Photorgraphy|Mr M

  1. I’m looking for a pair of silver shoes too! These are great. I also love buttoning my shirt up all the way, sometimes I feel like the open collar look is so awkward haha

    1. Hi Denise! I’ve seen some cool ones on blogsphere recently and the silver t-bar ones from Zara look pretty awesome I must say. Thanks for stopping by 😉

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