If You Have A Round Face, Flaunt It!

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I wouldn’t normally wear my hair up, or have it tucked behind my ears.  I was just ultra insecure about my round face.

All my life I’ve been trying to hide it with face slimming hair styles because I was told that round faces were undesirable and unappealing. I favoured poses that would only show 3/4 of my face as that would create an illusion of a smaller face. Asian beauty programs and magazines were constantly advertising various lotions, potions and tools that could  firm up the jawline. Different facial massage techniques were invented to reduce water retention which was said to be a big contributing factor to the ‘problem’.

For the longest time I felt pretty unfortunate because of my face shape. Instead of feeling proud of the unique features that God has given me, I lamented at my ’round face gene’ and wished that I had ‘her’ narrow face. I chose to dismiss my own value because society told me that I wasn’t attractive or good enough. I felt under-appreciated and was completely uncomfortable in my own skin…

…until Mr M came along and changed all that. He completely accepted me the way I was and made me realise that the shape of my face wasn’t quite the big deal that I regarded it to be. In fact, I think I might have indulged myself too much in this non-issue which had been detrimental in so many levels.

It took a little while for me to get here but here I am, with my hair tucked right back, wearing an incredibly beautiful and floaty printed dress by Aijek. I felt a great sense of freedom, because I no longer needed to hide behind judgemental voices. Instead I’m slowly learning the art of flaunting the gift of a complete face that’s lacking in nothing.


ps. The Aijek Floating Bubble Skater Dress that I modelled above is honestly beyond amazing. Make it yours too here. Limited quantities available.

  1. i can feel you on round faces, coz I am on the same shoe. good thing i came in terms with it and like what you said – it better to accept and be proud of what you got and work with it. btw, this dress is so so pretty and i love the print, got to check it on the link. if you have a sec, i am inviting you on my new post and check-out how i work with my own round face

    new post…

  2. Ahhh I love this post! Your face isn’t round in the slightest, please! I mean look at that defined jaw line! I feel like I too struggle with feeling like I have a round face- even though I’m not sure I quite do, lol. Either way though, you’re beautiful with your hair back and I’m so glad you’ve embraced your beauty to the fullest!

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