Hi all, this is my wllwproject

Hello everyone! My name is Mun and welcome to my humble cyber dwelling. It’s rather sparse at the moment but I hope you’ll find this place interesting and inspiring as I attempt to decorate it with a variety of  materials whenever opportunities arise

So, what is the story behind wllwproject pronounced “willowproject” and what does it mean to me and perhaps to you?

As 2012 was well on its way to a close, I could feel a little itch creeping up from deep within my spirit. Being an avid blog reader for a couple of years now, I was not content anymore with being in the backseat and was itching to share my 2 cents on fashion and things that caught my eyes with people. The decision to start a blog was not an immediate one as I feared that I would not be able to match up with all the high quality and well-known blogs on the reader list of my IPad. However, my hesitation quickly dissolved with the encouragements from some awesome people so here I am, ready to rock and roll with what I got!

Before i forget, you might wonder (hopefully) about the origins of  ”wllw”. I wanted to use the word ”willow” and had been brainstorming for a number of weeks hoping that THE name would just roll off my tongue and one night my ridiculously awesome boyfriend suggested that I could spell it as ”wllw” and I was sold! Not only did it add an edge to a rather feminine word, it is also a palindrome! The word ”project” was added as I view this blog as a happy side project to an otherwise normal life.

To kick off my very first post on my personal style, I chose to share with you what I wore in the last day of 2012. I was jet-legged from travelling and wanted something light and easy to move around in anticipation of sweaty crowds whom I was going to usher the new year with.

087A2020  087A2041

This paisley printed dress is made of chiffon and has a bubble top and a pleated bottom. Whilst I like the earthy tones on the dress, the bubble top was a tad too voluminous for my liking so I cinched the excess material in with a black patent belt to give definition to the waist. I paired the dress with my black leather gladiator sandals that had been buried under a pile of shoes for a long while to toughen up the overall look as I’m not exactly a girly girl not to mention lots walking were inevitable that day. As the dress already has a busy print, I only wore a copper toned ring to minimise clutter and to match my rather lazy mood.





Next up, I will take you on a tour to the beautiful Cape Town (CT)  featuring a series of outfits that I wore while I was there for holiday recently. A large chunk of photos were taken at breath-taking locations so do check back too if you wish to learn more about CT. I’m so excited to share this wonderful gem of a place with you!

All photos taken by Mr M.

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