Leather Platforms, I’m Glad That You’re Mine

I was instantly smitten the moment I saw them. I mean, what had taken fashion retailers here in Aussie land so long to stock these babies?!

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To me, these black leather platforms from Topshop are the perfect go-to shoes if one wants to add a bit of height without looking overly dressy. They’re easy to mix and match with and are great for their lengthening effect if one chooses looser fitting silhouettes. Although these babies are relatively heavy, they were quite easy to walk in and did not feel as clunky as some of the ultra chunky shoes.

I was super excited to test my new purchase out so I built yesterday’s outfit from feet up. The weather was forecast to be warm so wearing a breathable outfit was naturally enticing. I was in the ”pants mood” so I paired my camel jeans from ZARA with a white lace tee from SABA to keep the palette neutral and fuss free. Rolling up the cuff of my jeans is something I do whenever feasible because there’s just something appealing about exposed ankles don’t you think? The leather cap had decided to make its second appearance and it was seriously awesome in shielding the harsh sunlight and adding a bit of toughness to the overall look.

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We were stoked to have discovered a secret location with harbour view and a secluded spot for picnic! Making full use of the rest of the warm weather is at the top of my agenda before cold and darkness set in. I’m thinking of yummy picnic spreads or just sprawling on the grass with my book/magazines while sipping icy-cold drinks and taking in the salty air. How blissful.

Have a great day people!


Photography| Mr M

    1. Thanks Natasha! It has been super warm lately and I’m kinda hoping to wear my knits soon!
      Thanks for stopping by! I’ve been loving your blog for a while now! 🙂

    1. I feel the same… but fashion recycles so if it happened to go outdated the next season, we could keep it for the one after next ;P

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