Let’s Get Beachy!

It’s going to be a scorcher today and that could only mean one thing in Australia, BEACH TIME!

ss2My Ideal Beach Outing

Being an Asian who grew up in Malaysia, the last thing that I would do was to hit the sun. A lot of people there have the perception that fairer skin tones are more beautiful so naturally I held that view too (not anymore). If you’re ever in Asia, you would probably see ladies holding their bralies desperately shielding their pretty faces from the sun. This is a rare sight in Australia. So rare that I was hurled abuse by a guy who drove past when I did that just after I arrived in Sydney. I was taken aback, I mean what was wrong with protecting my skin from the harsh UV rays? And then I realised that Aussies love their sun,sea and sand and would run to them in the name of tanned olive skin.

Such different definitions of beauty.

Years have passed and I’ve become accustomed to the ‘beachy idea’ [ok not punny (oops I did it again)]. A little bit of sun is good as long as slip slop and slap are involved. Plus I see it as an excuse to legitimately look a bit a lot sexier than usual, if you like.

Who’s heading to the beach today?


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