Wear Your Swimsuits Out

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Images via My Chameleon

It’s very much beach season now in the Southern hemisphere (you may also want to refer to this post!) and one piece swimsuits are still as in trend as ever. I’ve always been fond of the idea of mix and match to exercise creativity and get a higher return for my bucks. Since good quality and well cut swimsuits don’t come cheap for you beach babes out there, you might wanna consider wearing them at any chance you get. By that I mean treating your one-piece as a bodysuit and strutting in it with confidence!

I’ve come up with a couple of pairing ideas with beautiful items found at My Chameleon. I imagine anyone wearing the top row to a dinner party would garner a few stares of admiration. The bottom row which is a whole lot more casual may be considered for a weekday errand. There are a few reasons why I chose these black swimsuits as opposed to others.

#1. The cut-outs are interesting and look rather classy

#2. It’s much easier to ‘hide’ the fact that you’re wearing a swimsuit

#3. If you’re keen on giving the one-piece style a go again (after years of forgetting its existence), investing in a modern black one seems like a sensible and wise option

Have an awesome day people and I hope this post hasn’t reminded you that it’s Monday and it’s not exactly beach day (oops.)


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