Cascade by Raya Budrevich

For now I’m addicted to making baby garments (because they are quick and babies are everywhere!).
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Pattern Raya Budrevich Yarn Luxury by Bendigo Woollen Mills Buttons All Buttons Great and Small

I just love knitting.

It is exciting to be able to make something cute and functional out of beautiful raw materials. It is also soothing and frustrating at the same time but the feeling of having a finished object in hand, or “FO” like most seasoned knitters would say, is pretty unbeatable. For a rather beginner knitter like myself, the novelty of discovering and purchasing luxurious and squishy yarn blends in heavenly colours and the feeling of learning a new technique are unquestionably gratifying.

I’m hooked and I think knitting would be a part of me for a long time to come.

For now I’m addicted to making baby garments (because they are quick and babies are everywhere!) and I have a few more baby projects in the pipeline as stash busters. I’m still working on my finishing touches but I’ve also come to accept the quirks in handmade objects.

Perfection does not exist.

Without further ado, here’s the beautiful Cascade by Raya Budrevich. It’s a free pattern but it’s so thoroughly written. I really enjoyed knitting this little beauty because it’s simple yet interesting. I have a short attention span (knitter’s ADD like how Voolenvine Yarns would address it) but this project managed to keep me focused for a reasonably long time, which was a bit of a miracle. Don’t even get me started on those daisy buttons… I added them even though the button holes were a little too snug for them because they complete the cardigan. No, I’m not exaggerating! So much love for cute buttons.

Lastly I do hope to write up a piece on my knitting journey sometime soon (I said this before a while ago yikes) because I’m very much self-taught and would love to share my good and bad experiences with you. Like many other things, I just need to find the time and energy for it but please do not give up on me yet.

I have a fashion post scheduled next so if handmade items aren’t your cup of tea, do stay-tune for that!

Happy Wednesday!


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